VoIP Service Comparison

Tired of paying for your residential phone line? Trying to save money when making international calls? Are you travelling and would like to have an affordable way of calling home or have somebody call you while travelling? Do you want one phone number where people can reach you no matter whether you are at work, on the road or in the office? Do you want to control the cost of making calls from your hotel room? If you answered yes to any of these questions there might be a VoIP provider that has a solution for you.

International Sim Cards

When travelling abroad using your cell phone could become an expensive surprise because of international roaming charges your mobile phone provider charges. In some cases carriers could charge $3.99/minute or more depending on the country you are visiting. Luckily there are alternatives for people that want to be receive and make calls when abroad using a cell phone. Sometimes a simple option is to get a local sim card in the country you are travelling.